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Our Story

Our Story

HÉAS found its origins in the corridors of Cambridge during Alia’s academic journey in the United Kingdom.

Captivated by the modern home decor abroad, she realised that Malaysia lacked a similar range of contemporary elegance.

Fueled by inspiration, Alia envisioned bridging the gap between UK aesthetics and Malaysian homes.

She found herself on a journey that would eventually redefine her path, blending her corporate law background with her passion for modern aesthetics. 

Welcome to a world where modernity meets timeless elegance.


Get to know us a 'lil more

HÉAS (pronounced as Hee-as) is inspired by the Malay word “hias” which means to “elevate the beauty” of oneself; ones home and closet and the canvas of everyday life.

At HÉAS, we curate a blend of timeless and contemporary pieces, carefully selected from international brands to bring a modern touch to your life.

From home decor to closet essentials, our collections are thoughtfully selected to represent a community that values the beauty of simplicity and elegance.

Thank you for joining our growing community and sharing the love for modern + timeless elegance in your home and lifestyle. 

We are so happy we found each other.

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